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NutraGEN - Pure InflaMedix

NutraGEN - Pure InflaMedix
Pure InflaMedix - Natural Anti-inflammatory.

This product works wonders for responding to acute or chronic inflammation and also supports joint health and flexibility. InflaMedix is great for temporarily relieving sore and achy muscles.

You can buy this product online or at our practice.

Down Below is a link to all of the NutraGEN products.

NutraGEN - Pure Greens

NutraGEN - Pure Greens
Pure Greens.

This Green Insurance will make sure you get the recommended amount of daily greens in your diet. This product is good for stabilizing your blood sugar, enhancing alkalinity and much more.

We carry the Crispy Apple and the Fresh Mint flavor in our practice or you can order it online.

NutraGEN - Pure Plant Protein

NutraGEN - Pure Plant Protein
Pure Plant Protein.

The highest quality organic protein that will bring you the energy you are looking for! This protein also promotes strength and focus, and a lot more.
The Pure Plant Protein comes in two flavors, Creamy Vanilla and Creamy Chocolate. You may purchase this product at our practice or online.

NutraGEN - Pure Ωomega Plus

NutraGEN - Pure Ωomega Plus
Pure Ωomega Plus.

If you do not eat your optimum daily amount of fish, nuts, leafy greens and flax on a daily basis, this product can help you live a healthier life. Unlike other fish oils, this specific product comes in a tasty creamy citrus-mango flavor that doesn't leave a funky taste in your mouth. No fishy burps either!!

Pure Ωomega Plus promotes:
- Inflammation Control
- Healthy Cholesterol Levels
- Healthy Bone & Joints
- Healthy Skin & Hair
- Healthy Brain

NutraGEN - Pure Digestion Plus - Unflavored

NutraGEN - Pure Digestion Plus - Unflavored
Pure Digestion Plus - Organic digestion and fiber powder.

A very high percentage of people do not get the optimum amount of fiber they should in their daily diet. This product offers you 12 grams of organic fiber per serving as well as probiotics, enzymes, and much more.

Pure Digestion Plus™ helps promote:
- Healthy Digestion & Regularity
- Stable Blood Sugar Levels
- Reduction of stomach discomfort, including bloating and cramping.

NutraGEN - Pure Cleanse Plus - Detoxification Powder

NutraGEN - Pure Cleanse Plus - Detoxification Powder
Pure Cleanse Plus - Detoxification Powder.

This product detoxifies your body, helping clear out bad waste and toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, and much more. This supports normal blood glucose levels, and also promotes healthy weight loss.