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Patient Testimonials

Wonderful and positive experience!

❝Just want to let you know what a wonderful and positive experience I have had during my visits to your office. You are a very pleasant and professional group. I will be sure to share my positive experience with people I come across daily. Thanks for everything you have done for me, mentally and physically.❞
Wendy G

I have my life back!

❝After months of pain and lots of prayer we found Dr. Favorite. After one adjustment I could stand and walk straight. I have just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and could not even get out of bed without help. Now after 5 adjustments I am completely mobile and forever thankful, I have my life back!❞
Pat P.

I immediately started feeling better!

❝ I have struggled with stomach issues for years and years, all starting my junior year of high school. I have seen many many doctors and specialists with all of them putting me on tons of medications and sending me home. After starting to work for Dr. Favorite as his C.A. he started adjusting me and treating me. He took my disease on as a challenge. At first I was skeptic but I had worked for a P.T. for years, so I figured, well I guess I have to trust this guy, he is my boss after all. I immediately started feeling better and not having NEARLY as many stomach problems. My body and bones have stopped aching as much, I don't get every single sickness that goes around and I have not been in the hospital since I started working here and started getting treated! I even have had my entire family start coming here from my 2 yr old cousin to my grandmother :) Dr. Favorite is a true healer and I get to help with and witness it everyday!❞
Amanda T.

I am walking much better!

❝I went to Dr. Favorite with hip and knee pain from Osteoarthritis. I was dragging my left leg when I walked, which has been corrected after only 3 visits! I have had an overall improvement and SI am walking much better!❞
Carol M.

I already feel better!

❝I have been hurt since August 09, have seen many doctors and nothing has helped. Just a few visits with Dr. Favorite and I already feel better!❞
Cameron H.

I can now enjoy what I love to do without having any pain!

❝When I started treatment I was in so much pain. I could barely walk. It was difficult to play the piano, which is my job, because my back was so stiff. Dr. Favorite relieved the pain in a few sessions and made a plan to get me back to the top of my profession. A few weeks later, I can tell a huge difference! I haven't played the piano with this much ease in years. Dr. Favorite listened to my concerns and created a treatment plan perfect for my needs. I highly recommend him!❞
Angela M

Dr. F has saved me from pain in my shoulder!

❝Dr. Favorite has saved me from pain in my shoulder, back, and neck. 100x better in just 2 weeks. Thank you Dr. Favorite!❞
Gabrielle H.

My pain is FINALLY gone!!

❝I have never used a chiropractor before. However, I have severe osteoporosis and my infrastructure is starting to cause some pain. Dr. Favorite has been able to take that pain away after just a few visits. I am a believer! No surgery or pain medication for me! I highly recommend Dr. Favorite. Very kind, understanding, efficient and effective! ❞
Nancy A

My problem was resolved!

❝Dr. Marcus Favorite easily identified issues that I was having and began immediate treatment. Before we had completed his recommended treatments my problem was resolved. This speaks strongly of his diagnosis and ability to resolve the issue. His staff is courteous and friendly. My time is limited and his flexible schedule made it very easy to accommodate me. He is willing to make himself available as needed. He worked directly with my insurance company to make billing hassle free. I would recommend Dr. Favorite to all family and friends. Thank you for your caring attitude.❞
Donna W.